The moderator for this blog is taking a hiatus from Tumblr due to real world responsibilities coming up in a big way. That being said, I will be taking applications for a sub, who will handle the running of the blog while I’m away doing grown up things like moving into a house and having a baby.

If you want to apply for the sub position, please fill out the following and email it (I will not accept asks or fanmails or submissions for this) to

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Real name:
Highest schooling completed:
Preferred areas of study:
Areas you are weaker in:
Why you think you are the right fit for the sub:
What are your times that you would be available to answer questions:

I will post who the sub is on Friday, April 5th, at 6 PM.

The helpers page has been updated to remove deactivated accounts and one that appears to have been converted to only giveaway reblogging.

If you are interested in being listed as a helper and there is an area that is not already addressed on the page, please message me.

Anonymous said: On your fellow helpers page there are mostly deactivated accounts and one of them doesn't have their ask open.

…ugh. Thank you for the heads up, I’ll have to see what needs changed or taken out.

calcifercai-deactivated20140329 said: Hi! I have a few chemistry questions. 1. a) What would be the product of the reaction of an ester with an alcohol? b) Why would this likely not be a useful synthetic reaction? 2. a) Propose a method to synthesize an anhydride using types of molecules we have studied in this class. b) Why would this synthesis likely not work? Thank you! <3

Chemistry helpers, assemble!!

see what I did there 

Anonymous said: (x-6)(x-?)=x² -7x+6

Your mystery number is 1, just from looking at the last number: since it’s a 6 and the first set has a 6, that number in the second set has to be a 1.

ma-utopie said: Here's a chem related question: Many fast foods such as French fries are cooked in oils rather than in water. Why is this done and how could frequent consumption of these foods be a health concern? Your help is much appreciated! :)

I’m going to page my chemistry helpers for this, because all that I can think of is that the hydrophobic properties of oil will keep the inside of the foods moist, since the water cannot escape…

I’m so confused about enthalpy calculations, ah! 0.5N2+1.5H2 ->NH3 (g) enthalpy change=-46kJ,

0.5H2(g) ->H(g) enthalpy change=+218kJ and

0.5N2(g)->N(g) enthalpy change=+473 kJ. What is the mean energy required to break the N-H bond in kJmol-1?

Anonymous said: Hello! I've changed from normal math to a harder math (grade 10) and since I haven't covered this work in class could you help me with a step to step progress? Factorise by first taking out the common factor: 6x² + 38x+ 40

First things first you want to pull out the 2 as it’s a factor that all the numbers share, which leaves you with 2(3 + 19x + 20).

Next you want to look at the factors of 20, keeping in mind that when you check this problem they will need to multiply/add to numbers that will give us 19x.
Factors of 20:
2   10
4   5

For ease of explanation, we are going to go straight to the pair you want to use, which is 4 and 5. So now we can write it as 2(3x+4)(x+5).

To check your work, you can use FOIL (First, Outside, Inside, Last).
First: 3x * x = 3

Outside: 3x * 5 = 15x
Inside: 4 * x = 4x
Last: 4 * 5 = 20
We add these all together: 2(3
x² + 15x + 4x + 20), which gives us 2(3x² + 19x + 20). Which is what we started with, so it all works!

I hope this helps! 

runsweetie said: Can you help me with french? I have an assignment due in a few hours

I can do my best!


With this new Tumblr layout comes the problem of I cannot answer your homework questions! Fun. /sarcasm

So in the meantime PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take advantage of the people who have volunteered as helpers in the areas you need assistance in! Or send them as a submission: I think I can still publish those.

Stressed about math? Freaking about that English essay? Send in your questions and I'll do my best to help you out!

Please note that the Helper's askbox is always open, but you may not get an immediate response (especially now that the Head Helper is working a full-time job again) - so please don't save your homework questions for the last minute if you can! "Office Hours" are posted on the Teacher's Desk page.

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